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Session Title

Transform Your Continuous Testing with (Open)Telemetry

Session Description

Except for instrumented unit testing, it’s often really hard to know what’s exactly what’s going wrong when your tests fail, especially when our systems are now highly distributed and involved multiple APIs, micro-frontends, and 3rd-party services. Versioning across these dependencies and complex rollout processes also further obfuscate what the heck is really going wrong when your tests fail.

Enter “telemetry”, and specifically OpenTelemetry. Technology that emits contextual and timeseries-ready data about what’s going on dramatically improve everyone’s ability to isolate, diagnose, and resolve issues quickly.

BOTH systems AND tests that share modern, distributed context such as OpenTelemetry span and baggage details transform testing into more precise and actionable feedback. Come learn about how to inject context back into your work in this session.

Three Key Takeaways

  • How additional context dramatically improves actionable outcomes of testing
  • How OpenTelementry applies to both software systems AND testing processes
  • How to get started using OpenTelemetry in your code bases

Speaker Bio

Paul Bruce is a passionate technologist, helping to transform enterprise software teams and delivery practices. He chairs o11yfest (May 9-12), volunteers locally, skateboards, and co-organizes DevOpsDays Boston and the Boston DevOps community. His technical research wheelhouse includes cloud management, high availability service architecture, API design and experience, continuous testing at scale, and organizational learning frameworks. He writes, listens, and teaches about software delivery patterns in enterprises and key industries around the world. Oh, and he’s hiring devs for his incubation engineering team! You can read more at: https://paulsbruce.io