Areas of Work

I work on multiple fronts:

Professional / Full-time

I currently work at Tricentis as the Head of Incubation Engineering (IncEng). IncEng is a critical function of business and you can think of it like an internal startup incubator or accelerator. My team:

I’m ALWAYS hiring, even if I’m not. Between my professional team, other teams inside my organization, and even from my volunteer organizing work, I can probably help you move in the direction you’re looking to go in your career. Maybe we can help each other too.


You can read more about what it’s like to work with me personally here.

Community Organizing

I love and appreciate learning. This happens in so many ways, but especially surrounded by others to do so too. This is why spending extra time outside work, volunteering for organizing and contributing to various communities, is so important to me.

I currently:

If you’re interested in getting involved in any of the above, contact me!


There are also a few things I get involved in because either I have some useful skills or guidance to provide, such as:


Every so often, I come across something so juicy and worthwhile investment outside of all the other asks for my time. Again, usually the motivation is learning and exercising technical muscles that aren’t in the wheelhouse of my professional career.

I don’t take too many of these on because, under contract, it means I have to prioritize this over all other non-full-time things I’m doing. I also don’t have a backup person for this type of work, though it could easily be transferred to someone in my network if a catastrophic situation or life event gets in the way of delivering.

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