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It's been too long a time since I published something here. The more time I commit to professional and volunteer and personal projects, the less time time I feel I have to write. What a bullshit excuse too, because I book time on my calendar for other operational things, why not this? All it takes is diligence and sticking to a scheduled time.

In tech, people use the word waterfall like a curse word due to historical reasons, a derogatory label...but an actual waterfall is a continuous stream that doesn't repeat itself. I want to be more like water, as Bruce Lee said, but for more than the reasons he had.

As Master Lee indicated, we should be ready to change, like water in a glass conforms to the situation around it, in martial arts being rigid and stiff leads to being slow and overly anticipatory. Pangai-noon, translated as "half hard, half soft" also indicates that we need to keep strength and application in balance with speed and adaptability. Mindfulness also plays a huge part in this, living in "the now", being present in each moment, like water that completely fills every dip and cleft from the riverbed to the edge, but also constantly seeking balance at the surface.

Anyway, I hypothesize that it will increase my mindfulness to exhale my field thoughts and experiences (minus personally identifiable stuff of course) to this blog on a consistent basis. I will dedicatedly try this for about 3 months, writing at least twice a week, and not give up because I missed one or two of these personal appointments. I will simply regale out what learnings I can from the main areas of my daily work, since it is so broad. If these pseudo-minutes strike on a topic meaty enough to write as it's own post, fine. If not, fine.

It will, at the very least, force me to share something, at least, on a frequent basis. Less like 'waterfall' deployment as they say in software, more [continuous] like water.