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Picture of Container Garden

In the past, I have tried to be consistent in my personal blogs, both in their delivery timing and in value for readers. Unfortunately, I failed at this for many reasons, some of which recently cleared up for me. I am on a new leg of my journey. I am doing my personal best now, not solely someone else’s.

I love to garden, not just with soil and plants, but ideas and insights. The past few weeks has afforded me times where I can diverge and converge about topics I want to write about. I may even publish some of them, but that is not the goal of my timespend right now. It is to generate, synthesize, and consolidate the puzzle pieces in my mind. So, though I’m not likely to be externally consistent in my publication schedule, I will certainly have at the ready at any point in time, something to pound out on a keyboard to share.

Some of the things I already know I want to share are:

  • Reflections on volunteer organizing the Boston DevOps and DevOpsDays Boston communities (but this needs corroboration and maybe some permissions from others, so it is not a short-poll topic area)
  • My experiences working through learning cycles on specific technologies, such as LLMs like Apache Llama, vendor-driven solutions, open source projects, and cloud-related management frameworks like OpenTofu (doing a BDO meetup on this tomorrow)
  • Drone excursions, both out in the field (i.e. videos) as well as inside the conputer (prompt engineering for drones, etc.)
  • Gardening, particularly container-based, on a 2nd story deck year round (including harsh winters); photos, developments, techniques, processes, practices, and learning resources I find along the way
  • Organizational methodologies, frameworks, insights, and optima/minima

One way or the other, the rest of my year is going to be VERY busy and VERY exciting, so stay tuned.