I’m a technologist by trade, but an engineer at heart.

I’m a developer, a writer, and a listener. I work with teams and organizations to make things better for everyone. I keep things simple, short, and sweet.

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I share DevOps research and learnings

DevOps Testing Strategy for Dummies

Testing in a DevOps culture is very different from traditional QA scenarios. I talk to all kinds of teams, from ...
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Recap of DevOps Days Boston 2017 with David Fredricks

This week, I had the opportunity to continue a conversation started weeks ago with David Fredricks, organizer of DevOps Days ...
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Folding Open Source into Enterprise DevOps

Open source software (OSS) is a foundational part of the modern software delivery lifecycle. Enterprise teams with DevOps aspirations face ...
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Recap of DevOps Days Boston 2017 with Corey Quinn

This weekend, I had the chance to have a 'distributed beer' with Corey Quinn of Last Week in AWS to ...
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Beyond DevOps: The ‘Next’ Management Theory

In a conversation today with Ken Mugrage (organizer of DevOps Days Seattle), the scope of the term 'DevOps' came up ...
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How to Be a Good DevOps Vendor

This article is intended for everyone involved in buying or selling tech, not just tooling vendors. The goal is to paint ...
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Stop Using the ‘Staging’ Server – DevOps Days Boston

Chloe Condon presented on how containers and IaC (infrastructure as code) can help us skip over the 'staging server' part ...
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Iterative Security – DevOps Days Boston 2017

Tom McLaughlin presented on iterative security,  incorporating security into DevOps cycles through early detection and prevention of vulnerabilities. His slide ...
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Inclusion and Kindness

Developer Experience, Illegality in EULAs, Open Source, Executive Leadership, Digital Privacy, Quality

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