I’m a technologist by trade, but an engineer at heart.

I’m a developer, a writer, and a listener. I work with teams and organizations to make things better for everyone. I keep things simple, short, and sweet.

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I share DevOps research and learnings

Thoughts on DevOps vs. Enterprise Culture Clash

Probably not unlike you, every day I work with folks caught in a clash between organizational processes and technology imperatives ...
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Put That in Your Pipeline and Smoke Test It!

I rarely bother to open my mouth as a speaker and step into a spotlight anymore. I've been mostly focused ...
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Afterthoughts on Hive Minding

It's a powerful thing to understand how your brain works, what motivates you, and what you don't care about. There ...
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Crossing Cross-functional Chasms

Initialization Phase My first evening in La Ciotat: I picked up a rental car in town due to the good ...
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This is Why #DevOps

Since well before 2008, DevOps as a keyword has been growing steadily in mindshare. This post is my version of ...
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On Lack of Transparency in SaaS Providers

As many organizations transition their technical systems to SaaS offerings they don't own or operate, I find it surprising that ...
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Performance Engineer vs. Tester

A performance engineer's job is to get things to work really, really well. Some might say that the difference between ...
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DDoS Prevention and MFA Hardening Before Release

Thanks for coming to my session at DevOps Days Pittsburgh! This page will be a placeholder for slides/video after the ...
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Inclusion and Kindness

Developer Experience, Illegality in EULAs, Open Source, Executive Leadership, Digital Privacy, Quality

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