I’m a technologist by trade, an engineer at heart.

Sometimes a developer, a writer, product strategist, and always a listener. I work with teams and organizations to make things better for everyone. I keep things simple, short, and sweet.

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Recent posts

OpenTelemetry Community Day Austin 2022

10 minute read

Preface: this blog post is just my travel log, personal reflections, and thoughts from my time conversing with other community members at OpenTelemetry Comm...

Defining ‘Developer’

6 minute read

It may sound like an unnecessary errand in 2021 to have to define what “developer” (“programmer”) means, but once again I find myself in the complimentary an...

Accounting for Privilege

10 minute read

After a few years of volunteer organizing DevOpsDays Boston and other local tech events, I found that there were some things I wanted to work out personally...