I’m a technologist by trade, an engineer at heart.

Sometimes a developer, a writer, product strategist, and always a listener. I work with teams and organizations to make things better for everyone. I keep things simple, short, and sweet.


Recent posts

Defining ‘Developer’

6 minute read

It may sound like an unnecessary errand in 2021 to have to define what “developer” (“programmer”) means, but once again I find myself in the complimentary an...

Accounting for Privilege

10 minute read

After a few years of volunteer organizing DevOpsDays Boston and other local tech events, I found that there were some things I wanted to work out personally...

Personal Log 2020-09-02

6 minute read

Started later than I'd like, trying to spend more good morning time with the kiddos. Nothing huge on the schedule, some customer and internal meetings, some...

More Like Water, Less Like Waterfall

1 minute read

It's been too long a time since I published something here. The more time I commit to professional and volunteer and personal projects, the less time time I...