Unanticipated Editorial Control

I took down someone’s blog post of an event I was at two weeks ago.

All I did was to praise one of the panelists for the amount of mic-drop-esque quotations attributed to her, clear misquotes to anyone who knew how she speaks and who was paying attention. Not too many in both categories, sadly.

This is what social media and marketing gets away with all the time though. Content that is rarely verified by others in the know.


After a back-and-forth over Twitter, making me sound like my focus was on her answers, the panelist and author direct-emailed the editor-in-chief of the offending blog expecting that it be corrected or removed. I will not share that email. Since the original blogger was already on Thanksgiving vacation, the choice was made to take it down.

Attached is the zip file of what once was before the DMCA-equivalent take down.

[archive] API Consumption at API STRAT_files.zip

My point in writing this is that it is not okay to treat people like a piece of content. If you don’t like being treated like a piece of ass, then don’t treat industry professionals like they’re personalities you can misquote.

With minimal effort, you too can exercise control over marketing ignorance, both in your own business dealings and in others. It’s as easy as starting shit on Twitter to help clarify misinformation right out in the great wide open.

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