If people want war, why not a #WarOnPorn?

I think the one of the best possible things that I as a male can do to help women, in the workplace or otherwise, is to go after the porn industry head on, an all-out war against a little-discussed but dominant cultural precedent that leads to chronic subjugation of more than half of the world’s population.

Transparency: I don’t subscribe to any religion or ideology verbatim, that’s not where this is coming from; it comes from thinking about my role as a father.

It is wrong to violate another human being’s body. It is wrong to pay people for sexual acts. It is wrong that we don’t talk about this in proportion to its effect on our societies. It is wrong to expect religions to be the only source of morality to combat this epidemic. It is wrong to be a passive observer to anything proliferating or promoting the sex industry. It is wrong to treat sex abuse or porn as okay.

Pornography is the gateway between the sex industry and society, enabling people to act out their lesser angels and propagate this social disease to others. In my opinion, I believe is the primary accelerator of social and cultural inequality between male and female in the United States of America, in the workplace, in the home, and everywhere in between. It is not the only source, but it is a disease and should be treated as such.

Everyone is affected by porn; it is not a victimless crime to consume it.

I wonder what would happen if everyone felt the same way as I do about this. Being a parent really makes you think about things from a different perspective, and though I’ve always felt this way, there is far less of a public support system than there are moments where it’s easy to turn a blind eye. Maybe I’ll start a local chapter, get Sam Harris and Dr. Phil to visit. Wouldn’t that be fun. Talk is cheap.